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Swiss Languages Certificate in 7 DAYS & ONLINE

How can you get the Language Certificate in 7 days in 4 Steps?

NOTE: we don’t teach, we do just exams and after passing our exam you will get our official Language Certificate.

Our Language Certificate should be accepted worldwide, because ABMS is officially registered Language School in Switzerland.

THREE StepsChooose | Apply | Get


STEP #1 Choose the level you need

Choose the study program you are interested in, we offer


  • Level A1
  • Level A2
  • Level B1
  • Level B2
  • Level C1
  • Read More


  • Level B1
  • Level B2
  • Level C1


  • Level B1
  • Level B2
  • Level C1

STEP #2 Apply & take your Exam

We offer you many easy ways to pay for the level you need, after we receive the fee, we will send you to the login and password to start the written exam (from 30-50 questions) and the oral exam (for 10 min) both exams are 100% online. The above 2 steps should take 3 – 7 days depends on your availability.


STEP #3 Ger the certificate

After passing our exams we will send you the certificate to your home by SWISSPOST for free (it takes usually 7-14 days).

NOTE: for some countries it’s recommended to send the certificate by DHL or FedEx (for extra payment).

In case you need the certificate as soon as possible, we can send you a copy by Email.



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