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ABMS is registered and licensed Language school in the State of Zug under Reg. number CH- for Further informations please check the Government's Official Web Portal - State of Zug - Switzerland and here you can read what is written about ABMS:

  • A.B.M.S. Education Group is a private, high-quality and accredited university as well language school providing doctoral and master degrees in business management. ABMS Education Group operates on international and European educational standards and is focused on graduate studies in Business management. The teaching faculty at ABMS comes from a variety of top business schools and Universities throughout the world.
  • Die A.B.M.S. Education Group ist eine private, hochwertige und anerkannte Universität sowie Sprachschule mit Möglichkeiten zum Doktor- und Masterabschluss. Die ABMS arbeitet nach internationalen und europäischen Bildungsstandards und ist auf das Business Management-Studium spezialisiert. Die Dozenten an der ABMS kommen aus den verschiedensten top Business Schools und Universitäten in der ganzen Welt.


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Online education and its related approaches are getting popular because relevant institutions have been successful enough in maintaining quality and delivering great services. No doubt, there are many benefits associated with internet learning, but at the same time there are risks also involved because all communication takes place via the platform of web. Students put in a lot of trust at the selected online teaching school and never like the idea of being betrayed. Majority of online institutions are providing honest services, but at the same time there are some spoilers also present in the industry, which take money, but fail in delivering. Therefore, students always seek mediums, which can be trusted and should be capable of showing compatibility with their expectations. ABMS School of Languages is an organization, which you can trust without any fear because it has been designed to deliver honest and dedicated services to those who really want to learn and improve their future.

ABMS School of Languages is a registered language school of Switzerland and also Member of the European council for distance learning and these qualifications are strong enough to prove that this language school is an authentic organization. You can get enrolled in any of the offered programs without any fear because ABMS School of Languages is recognized and backed up by two very respected and accredited systems that have been mentioned above. Actually the main point to mention here is that being a registered language school of Switzerland ABMS School of Languages has to strictly follow the rules that have been defined by the Swiss authorities. In Switzerland a very high priority is given to education and related setups and any kind of negligence by the teaching institutions is just not acceptable. Because of this reason ABMS School of Languages is bound to deliver high quality language assessment programs to its students as Swiss authorities is watching its every move. At the same time you can evaluate the quality of services provided by this medium by the fact that European Council of Distance learning has extended its membership to ABMS School of Languages this means that they trust the system followed by this language school and also it is an indication that ABMS School of Languages has been successful in showing compatibility with the strict criterion set by European council for distance learning.

All the members of staff and teachers who are associated with this institution are very much efficient, skilled and devoted. Teachers who formulate the exams offered by ABMS School of Languages are fully qualified and Master degree holders they possess a strong command over their subject and are committed to provide high quality services. No doubt, our platform is new, but it is strong enough to provide you high quality services and we provide 100 % quality assurance. All that you have to do is to get registered with this platform and the rest is our responsibility. ABMS School of Languages is an institution, which you can trust so don’t hesitate get in touch with us now.


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