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A guide to pass B2 English language test

This is an ideal certificate if you are planning to find a job in an English speaking company.

B2 English language test is designed for people with Basic English skills and information. The most of the questions of this test are easily accessible by the people who got basic level in English.

This paper or test covers 3 important subjects which include basic sentence structure, grammar and conjugation skills. This test covers all the questions and topics that are basic and general for beginners. This test consists of total 30 MCQ and each question has four answers. The candidate has to select only one right choice.

The questions and choices in this paper are not difficult and puzzling. It is good to do some revision prior to attempt this test. It will help you to pass this test with ease and comfort. This revision is not to disturb you instead it is to support you to pass this test in a right way. The revision will offer you a good chance to clear this test.

Most of the famous multinational companies use this Basic English test to evaluate the spoken English skills of candidates. This test will evaluate that you can understand and speak English.

It is best to cover the specified duration for this English test. It will help you to pass this test fast.

How to get the Certificate?

This certificate can be done 100% online, and you can get this certificate within 7 days.

  • Step 1: Apply and start our writing exam (around 30 Multiple Choice Questions MCQ, Each question is accompanied with 4 possible answers, only 1 answer is correct). Usually takes 30 Min.
  • Step 2: Oral exam, after you pass we will invite you for a quick oral exam (for less than 10 min) and after passing we will issue the certificate to your home.

Fee: 590 Euro (including shipping cost by the SWISSPost)

Other payments (optional):

Swiss Notary: 190 Euro
International students may request from our Admission office that their degree and/or transcript be stamped by a Swiss notary

Sending Degree: 90 Euro
We will send your degree and transcript by Swiss Post for free of charge, but for some countries we recommend to send the documents by DHL or FedEx or similar shipping companies to your home.


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