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Officially known as Swiss Confederation Switzerland, is a federal parliamentary republic that consists of 26 cantons. Switzerland is located in the central and western Europe and is bordered by France in the West, Germany in North, and Italy in south and in the east it is bordered by Leichtenstein and Austria. The country covers an area of 41,285 km2 and a total of 8 million individuals reside in Switzerland. Interesting point to mention is that Switzerland is counted in the richest countries of this world in terms of per capita gross domestic product and a high degree of prosperity prevails in this part of the globe two of its important cities named as Geneva and Zurich are regarded as global cities and are considered as economic centers. Zurich is ranked as the 2nd and Geneva is ranked as 8th city of this world, which maintains a very high quality of life. In addition, to this

  • Switzerland possesses 19th largest economy of this world in terms of nominal GDP
  • Switzerland is 36th largest in terms of buying power parity
  • Switzerland is the 20th largest exporter of goods
  • Switzerland is 18th largest importer of goods

The culture of Switzerland reflects the influence of German, Italian, French and Romansh traditions in believes as well as language. It can be said that Swiss people cannot be considered a nation when it is about a common language and ethnic identity. However, there is a strong bonding present between the inhabitants of this country and this is due to the presence of a common historical background. We have already discussed that the economy of Switzerland is considered as stable and highly prosperous. In the year 2011 it was successful in attaining the title of the wealthiest country of this world in terms of per capita. This part of the world act as home to many large multinational organizations and also you need to notice that economy of Switzerland is counted in the strongest economies of this world.

Coming towards the languages that are spoken in this country we have already discussed that there are four official languages of this country that are German, Italian, French and Romansh and somehow English is a semi-official language in Switzerland. The estimates, which were obtained in the year 2011, showed that the most spoken languages in between Swiss people who are aged 15 years or older were

  • Swiss German 4,027,917 people use it.
  • French 1,523,094 people use it.
  • High German 637,439 people use it.
  • Italian 545,274 people use it.
  • Romansh 37,490 people use it.

The most interesting aspect about this beautiful country is that it enjoys the status of one being of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destination of this world. Every corner of this country is blessed with beauty and nature has shown a great attention towards Switzerland. Breath taking sceneries are

present which leave people spell bound and overall Switzerland can be regarded as a magical heaven. In short, this country is a place that you should visit at least once in your life.

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