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Switzerland is a beautiful country which also reflects a high degree of economic stability and prosperity. Many important centers and organizations of this world are present in Switzerland and this great country holds a dignified place among the top exporters and importers of this globe. In this section, we will discuss two most important cities of Switzerland that are Zurich and Zug.



This beautiful city holds the status of being one of the largest cities of Switzerland and also it is the capital of canton of Zurich. Zurich is located near to the lake Zurich at its northwestern tip in the northern center of Switzerland. A total of 379,915 individuals live in this region and total area of land covered by Zurich is 87.82 km2. This city is considered as a hub for roads, air traffic and railways in fact the Zurich airport as well as railway station are considered as the busiest locations of the country. This city is economically very strong and prosperous and holds the honor of containing important financial centers of this world. Many large and stable financial organizations and banking leaders are situated here. Many international companies prefer to set up their headquarters in this part of the world because of the low ratio of taxes. Numerous surveys that were conducted from the year 2006 to 2008 suggested that this city of Switzerland offers the best quality of life to its inhabitants and is counted in one of the richest cities that are present in Europe. Many important art galleries and famous museums are present in Zurich in addition the city is famous for natural beauty and charm it possesses. The main attractions offered by this city to its inhabitants are

  • World heritage sites
  • Parks and nature
  • Churches
  • Architecture
  • Museums



ABMS is private Language school registered in the State of Zug under registration number CH-, Zug is another beautiful city of Switzerland. The word Zug has very interesting origins and it refers towards “pull up” the fishing nets. This beautiful city is situated in Canton of Zug. Total number of inhabitants which live here is 27,534 according to the data that was collected in the year 2012 in the month of December. This city of Switzerland is considered as a very charming living space that offers all the modern and state of the art facilities to its inhabitants and holds the status of a successful business location. In this beautiful city education is highly valued and given a lot of importance. There is an abundance of schools and colleges, which try to impart best educational facilities to their students. The educational system in Zug has the inclusion of compulsory primary and secondary level schools and optional secondary level education. Zug is a very attractive place that offers great satisfaction to nature lovers. The city is surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers that include river Sihl, Walchwilerberg Oberallmig and Zugerberg Mountain.


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